Top Special Projects Stories of 2015

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Throughout 2015, Carnegie Corporation’s International Program continued its efforts to promote peace and security through independent analysis and activities addressing critical global challenges. Grantee organizations received support for efforts to reduce instability in Russia, China, and the Arab region and to strengthen the field of peacebuilding in Africa. Funding also went to institutions striving to bridge the gap between scholarship and policy on peace and security issues, and to those with new approaches to insuring the peaceful use of nuclear technologies and limiting nuclear proliferation. 

Top Stories

1Andrew Carnegie Fellows

Social sciences and humanities research received a major boost from a new $6.4 million fellowship program created by Carnegie Corporation of New York. Thirty-two of the country’s most innovative scholars have been named to the inaugural class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows, with grants of up to $200,000 each to support research on challenges to democracy and the international order.


2Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy

Carnegie Corporation of New York welcomed leadership from more than 20 Carnegie institutions, along with Carnegie family members, to New York for a week of special events culminating in the awarding of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy.


3The Nunn-Lugar Award

The Nunn-Lugar Award for Promoting Nuclear Security is awarded biennially by Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to individuals or institutions whose work has resulted in clear, discernible progress toward strengthening global security and peaceful co-existence among nations, by preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons and reducing the risk of their use.


4Academic Leadership Awards

Four exceptional leaders of American universities are recognized for demonstrating vision and outstanding commitment to excellence and equity in undergraduate education, in addition to fulfilling their administrative and managerial roles with dedication and creativity.


5I Love My Librarian!

All ten winners of this year’s I Love My Librarian Award displayed exceptional public service and were acknowledged for their efforts with a $5,000 prize given to each honoree during a reception hosted by Carnegie Corporation of New York.