Strengthening Society’s Bonds

All of the Corporation’s work is rooted in the deeply held convictions of Andrew Carnegie, who saw democracy, education, knowledge and its diffusion, and philanthropy, as fundamental tools for strengthening the bonds of our society.

An Incubator of Ideas

The Corporation’s strength is as an incubator of ideas, a convener of scholars, educators, policymakers and others, and as a strategic investor in organizations and institutions that can demonstrably contribute to the betterment of our society.

Intellectual and Financial Resources

The Corporation uses its intellectual and financial resources — and its long-term perspective — to develop new ideas and approaches to challenges such as the need for a strong and pluralistic democracy, international peace, as well as the need to create pathways to educational and economic opportunity in a rapidly changing society.

Integrated Programming

Our programmatic structure integrates national and international grantmaking so that officers focusing on each remain informed about one another’s activities and are thus better able to work collaboratively.

International Focus

Our international grantmaking focuses on reducing direct threats to international peace and security while also investing in international development by supporting institutions and individuals in sub-Saharan Africa and Eurasia, two regions of long-standing Corporation involvement.

National Focus

Our national grantmaking supports the revitalization of democracy by funding new pathways both to educational and economic opportunity, as well as to citizenship, civic participation, and immigrant integration in a pluralistic society.