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Carnegie Corporation of New York’s Democracy program supports civic integration of immigrants. The program also supports the protection of voting rights and promotes voter participation of all citizens. We work to foster a fair, diverse, and vibrant democracy that welcomes and offers opportunities to all.

Years Supporting U.S. Democracy
Organizations supported in 2019
Focus Areas
Alliance Building

The Democracy program strives to build alliances that bring together a left-to-right spectrum of viewpoints on civics, citizenship, and immigration, while reflecting America’s long tradition of acceptance and respect for newcomers of all nationalities, cultures, and religions.

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Field Building

We support national nonprofit groups that educate, coordinate, and strengthen a field made up of locally based organizations dealing with challenges to democracy, immigration, voting, and related issues. These challenges result from the dearth of effective federal policies needed to promote and protect the civil and human rights of all people in the United States.

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Policy Development

The Corporation funds original research on important issues, including voting rights, voter participation, immigration, citizenship, and the census, in order to improve federal and state policies regarding immigrant integration and civic engagement.

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Strategic Communications

The Democracy program’s support for strategic communications is designed to promote intelligent, unbiased, nonpartisan news coverage to deepen public understanding of civic issues like voting rights, voter engagement, immigration, and the census.

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Nonpartisan Voter Engagement and Voting Rights

Engaged citizens — those who care about and work to preserve our democracy — help ensure that government policies reflect the concerns of constituents. A democracy, by definition, gives eligible citizens the right to vote for their elected representatives.

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