Report: Immigrants Integrating at Historic Pace

Read a Q&A with the authors of a new National Academy of Sciences report on the integration of immigrants into American society.

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To foster a pluralistic, vibrant democracy through the civic integration of immigrants, support for nonpartisan voter registration and education, and voting rights.

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"Not Left, Not Right, But Forward"

"Not Left, Not Right, But Forward"

Fifty years after the signing of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, more work is needed for all Americans to truly participate in the democratic process. An in-depth piece featuring the work of our grantees from the fall issue of The Carnegie Reporter.

Your Vote—

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Nearly one in four Americans is not registered to vote. Carnegie Corporation is proud to partner with our grantees and allies in asking, "Why is it important to vote?" Celebrate democracy and the right to vote on Voter Registration Day, September 22.


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