Great Immigrants

Great Immigrants


Congratulations to the 2019 Great Immigrants honorees!

Every Fourth of July since 2006, Carnegie Corporation of New York honors Andrew Carnegie’s legacy by celebrating the wide-ranging contributions of immigrants who enrich our communities and culture, strengthen our economy, and invigorate our democracy.  Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie rose out of poverty to become one of the greatest contributors to American industry and philanthropy. Carnegie believed that the infusion of talent that immigrants bring to our country keeps American society vibrant, a view that is borne out by the accomplishments of the nearly 600 individuals honored through the initiative to date.

We invite you to join in this celebration via a social media initiative on Facebook and Twitter @CarnegieCorp using the hashtags #GreatImmigrants and #ImmigrantStories. Please share your own immigrant story, whether recent or in the distant past, to further showcase the role immigrants have long played in making America prosperous and vibrant.

The American Dream

2011 Great Immigrant José Andrés, speak about his journey from newly arrived immigrant to naturalized celebrity chef.

The Secret of America

Photojournalist Jennifer S. Altman pays a visit to six past honorees who along with millions of other immigrants have made, and continue to make, our nation strong and vibrant.

Making America

General Colin Powell on his immigrant experience and how immigrants "make America better every single day."

America’s Story: An Immigrant Story

Nearly one of every four Americans—70 million people—is an immigrant or the child of parents who came from another country. Some fled war, persecution, or environmental disaster; others pursued the American ideal of opportunity for all.

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