2018 Andrew Carnegie Fellows

The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program provides support for high-caliber scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. The anticipated result of each fellowship is the publication of a book or major study. Topics of the winning proposals focus on a wide range of complex political, economic, technological, humanistic, and sociological matters. Among them: ethics pertaining to fertility treatments; moral dilemmas for workers such as prison guards and military drone operators; the disproportionate number of black women in U.S. prisons; college choices among students in rural America; countering misinformation in news coverage; public attitudes toward climate change; assumptions about nuclear deterrence and strategic stability; immigration and xenophobia; disaster recovery in Puerto Rico; and controlling infectious diseases.

The Fellows

Yuen Yuen Ang
Associate Professor, University of Michigan
Shahzeen Attari
Assistant Professor, Indiana University Bloomington
Yarimar Bonilla
Associate Professor, Rutgers
Diana Bowman
Associate Professor, Arizona State University
Crystal Chambers
Associate Professor, East Carolina University
Sarah Zukerman Daly
Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
Baruch Fischhoff
Howard Heinz University Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Stephanie Foote
Jackson and Nichols Professor, West Virginia University
Lily Geismer
Professor, Claremont McKenna College
Daniel Gillion
Julie Beren Platt and Marc E. Platt Presidential Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Sara Goldrick-Rab
Professor of Higher Education Policy and Sociology, Temple University
Grace Elizabeth Hale
Commonwealth Chair of American Studies and History, University of Virginia
Elizabeth Hinton
Assistant Professor, President and Fellows of Harvard College
Margaret D. Jacobs
Chancellor's Professor, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Christopher Korpela
Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy, West Point
Erika Lee
Rudolph J. Vecoli Chair in Immigration History and Director, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota
Talitha LeFlouria
Lisa Smith Discovery Associate Professor in African and African-American Studies, University of Virginia
Jennifer Karas Montez
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Syracuse University
Brendan Nyhan
Professor of Government, Dartmouth College
John Osburg
Associate Professor, University of Rochester
Eyal Press
Judith Resnik
Arthur Liman Professor of Law, Yale University
Sarah T. Roberts
Assistant Professor, University of California, Los Angeles
Scott Sagan
Caroline S.G. Munro Professor, Stanford University
Rachel Sherman
Associate Professor, The New School
Beth Simmons
PIK (University) Professor, University of Pennsylvania
Prerna Singh
Mahatma Gandhi Assistant Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs, Brown University
Ganesh Sitaraman
Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University
Peter Swire
Holder Chair of Law and Ethics, Georgia Institute of Technology
Sharon Weiner
Associate Professor, American University

News Release: Carnegie Corporation of New York Names 31 Winners of Andrew Carnegie Fellowships

Building on a century-old, philanthropic tradition of investing in creative scholarly research, Carnegie Corporation of New York today announced the 2018 class of Andrew Carnegie Fellows. As part of the so-called “brainy award,” 31 extraordinary scholars and writers will each receive up to $200,000, making it possible for them to devote their time to significant research, writing, and publishing in the humanities and social sciences.

2018 Andrew Carnegie Fellows Congratulations Photo