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Helping Teachers Grow through Micro-Credentials

A new resource for personalized, competency-based professional development

Bloomboard has teamed with Digital Promise to launch a micro-credential website

Teachers who want to build their skills have a new resource for personalized, competency-based professional development. Bloomboard, a leading platform for curated teaching resources, has teamed with the education nonprofit Digital Promise to launch a micro-credential website with a wide range of offerings including hot topics such as data literacy, performance mindsets, and social and cultural interactions.

Instead of the traditional lecture-based professional development, educators will have the ability to tailor their learning by exploring and applying for more than 100 micro-credentials that allow them to demonstrate their abilities through online coursework and other activities. Proven skills and competencies are recognized with a digital badge.

In addition to the website, Carnegie Corporation grantee Digital Promise commissioned a study “Making Learning Count” that looks at micro-credentials as an emerging tool and found that nationwide, nearly 70 percent of educators seek out both formal and informal professional learning activities to become better teachers. The report notes that 40 percent are especially interested in informal learning opportunities because they are tailored to their specific needs.

Commenting on the findings in a blog post, Digital Promise Director of Educator Micro-credentials Jennifer Kabaker writes:

Their answers reinforce the critical role professional development plays in expanding teachers’ skills, knowledge and careers—both formally and informally. Although only 15 percent of teachers were initially aware of the concept of micro-credentials, after learning more, 65 percent are interested in trying to earn one. These teachers value that micro-credentials are both competency-based and personalized. Teachers also emphasize that they must be easy to use and accessible if educators are going to try them.

Digital Promise invites educators to take a look at the website and the report and consider leaving a comment on Twitter by using the hashtag #Love2Learn.