NYC COVID-19 Fund Distributes Over $100 Million

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A Roadmap for Research in Education and the Learning Sciences”

A new online research map makes accessing the vast amount of research in the fields of education and learning sciences easier

This month marks the launch of a new online research map, making it easier for both educators and the developers of educational technology products to access the vast amount of research on teaching and student learning. The online tool, developed by Digital Promise, creates a visual representation of the current research, and includes easy to comprehend summaries of nearly 100,000 journal articles and research briefs. 


The map offers various interactions and allows the user to search by topic area, researcher, subtopics, or relational variants. The goal is that the tool will prove invaluable to educators and product developers looking for information that can guide and bolster the development of educational programs and “edtech” products.

Digital Promise was created “to accelerate innovation in education and improve opportunities to learn.” With support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, much of the nonprofits work centers on closing the digital learning gap, and assuring that all students have equal opportunity to access the resources they’ll need to succeed.