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Strategies for Parents and Teachers Grappling with COVID-19 Stress

Developing sustainable solutions to address students' social and emotional needs

As educators strive to ensure that students stay on track academically during the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot lose sight of the relationships that are at the heart of teaching and learning. 

To meet the social and emotional needs of students, as well as the adults who care for them, Carnegie Corporation of New York sponsored “Strategies for Parents and Teachers Grappling with COVID-19 Stress,” a Town Hall hosted by the National Parent Teacher Association and the American Federation of Teachers. The event featured talks by leading experts in mental health, learning science, and psychology.

For tools to navigate the challenges exacerbated by the COVID–19 crisis, we invite you to explore the resources presented below, developed by the Corporation and its grantees, which aim to support the whole student and develop sustainable solutions that empower families as true partners in their children’s education going forward.



Strategies for Parents and Teachers Grappling with COVID-19 Stress

Hosted by the National Parent Teacher Association and the American Federation of Teachers, sponsored by Carnegie Corporation of New York

Listen to the full audio: 


  • Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers
  • Nathan Monell, Executive Director, National PTA
  • Dr. Pamela Cantor, Founder and Senior Science Advisor, Turnaround for Children
  • Dr. Arthur Evans Jr., CEO, American Psychological Association
  • Jim Arey, high school teacher, Elk Grove High School (Elk Grove Village, IL); President, Local #1211
  • Antoinette Brown, PTA president, Gorman Crossing Elementary School (Laurel, MD)

Resources to Support the Whole Child

Students are grappling with unprecedented stress and disruption. These resources can help educators and families meet their social and emotional needs.

National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development Offers Path Forward

The Aspen Institute’s National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development has developed resources to help educators support students’ overall well-being.

Turnaround for Children’s COVID-19 Resource Hub 

COVID-19 is disrupting the way we live, work, and learn. Grantee Turnaround for Children has developed a curated list of resources for parents and caregivers, educators, and for students themselves.

De-stressing During Coronavirus Uncertainty 

Grantee Common Sense Media shares tips and resources to help families manage anxiety, stay active, and focus on their well-being during these challenging times.

ExcelinEd Social-Emotional Learning Resource Hub 

Grantee the Foundation for Excellence in Education (ExcelinEd) has compiled resources to support children and adults and to help them stay connected during the COVID-19 crisis.

Coping and Self-Care During COVID-19 

Grantee Student Success Center offers resources to help students — and the adults who care for them — take care of their physical and mental health needs.

Social-Emotional Learning: Helping Teens Navigate "All of the Things"

Learn how some grantees are prioritizing social-emotional learning to guide students toward a thriving adulthood.

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Family Engagement Resources

When families are engaged in their children’s learning, schools are stronger and students thrive. These resources can help educators and parents work together to support student learning.

Next Generation Family Engagement 

This report examines the history, current practice, and future potential of family and community engagement to strengthen schools and put children on a path to lifelong success.

Great Schools COVID-19 Resource Hub 

Grantee Great Schools has created grade-based tool kits to help families keep children engaged and learning at home. The Hub also includes useful resources for families, including “parenting cue cards” to help adults navigate tough moments.

Built in a matter of days, this dynamic new learning hub brings together more than 25 organizations – including many Corporation grantees – to share high-quality remote learning resources. The comprehensive site covers everything from academic and social-emotional learning to events, physical education, and field trips, and targeted resources for English learners and students with special needs.

PowerMyLearning Family Playlists

Grantee PowerMyLearning has made its educational “Family Playlists” available for free to districts and schools. The multilingual playlists are mobile-friendly, making them especially valuable for families who rely on smartphones for internet access.

Breaking Down Barriers Between Educators and Families Through Technology

Grantee Talking Points explains how the organization has used technology to create empowering home–school relationships that transcend cultural and linguistic barriers. During the COVID-19 crisis, Talking Points has made its family engagement platform available to schools and districts free of charge.

EdNavigator’s “One Great Thing” for Families

Grantee EdNavigator keeps it simple for families overloaded with COVID-19 resources, sharing a single daily tip, activity, and learning resource alongside an inspiring story and “one great question” to discuss around the dinner table.

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