Leadership & Teaching to Advance Learning

Leadership & Teaching to Advance Learning


The Leadership and Teaching to Advance Learning portfolio aims to establish an aligned human capital system in education, by which we mean the practices, policies, and processes for developing the capacity of people, supporting them to work effectively, and enabling continuous improvement.  A strong, aligned human capital system that invests in people’s education and development features clear and consistent connections across all levels and stages — from federal, state, and district policies and processes to individual classrooms, and from teacher preparation programs to systems that attract and retain effective educators and support their ongoing professional learning — with the shared orientation and goal of enabling student success. 

An extensive body of research indicates that teachers and school leaders account for 60 percent of in-school influence on student outcomes, yet teachers and school leaders do not operate in a vacuum. The ability of teachers and leaders to create and support equitable, effective student-centered learning environments depends on the design of the schools and systems within which they work, the programs and practices they use for instruction and assessment, their capacity to collect and analyze data and apply the results to make decisions and improve their work, and the state and district policy context. Crucially, educators depend, as well, on systems and norms for engaging parents and community partners to support students’ learning and development.

The Leadership and Teaching to Advance Learning portfolio pursues four major goals: 

  • Improving systems for preparing, recruiting, and developing teachers and education leaders to serve the needs of diverse learners
  • Promoting alignment in human capital policies and practices at every level, from state- and district-level systems through the classroom
  • Enhancing professional learning for teachers and leaders, including strategic use of emerging technologies
  • Developing and implementing high-quality instructional materials, resources, and tools for teachers and leaders that align with the goal of equity and the vision of rigorous standards
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