Welcome to War on the Rocks

“There is no other web-based publication on war and foreign policy out there that has been blessed with this much experience from its collection of regular contributors,” claims the War on the Rocks site. A platform for analysis, commentary, debate, and multimedia content on foreign policy and national security issues, it features articles and podcasts produced by scholars who study war, those who have served or worked in war zones, and some who have done it all.

International Peace and Security grantee Francis J. Gavin, the first Frank Stanton Chair in Nuclear Security Policy studies and Professor of Political Science at MIT, kicks off “The Schoolhouse,” a new series on the website that takes aim at the troubled state of advanced graduate education in international affairs. The heart of the problem, Gavin says, is that today’s Ph.D. student faces a stark, binary choice between the world of ideas and action, and once a decision is made, there is rarely a chance to return.

Gavin insists it’s time to have the difficult conversation around fundamental, structural forces driving the academic enterprise.  Read his provocative article “Breaking Discipline and Closing Gaps — the State of International Relations Education” and check out the work of some of War on the Rocks’ 70-plus contributors, who have worked on every continent in the world (save Antarctica).