Democracy: Top Stories in 2016

general colin powell speaks at carnegie corporation

Highlights this year include: an autobiographical essay by General Colin Powell saluting the key role that immigration has played in “Making America”; a stunning photo essay documenting the beating heart (and economic engine) of American democracy—our newest immigrants; and a video from famed fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg exploring her own journey to citizenship.

Democracy: Top Stories in 2016

1Colin Powell: Making America

General Colin Powell comments on his life and achievements as the son of two immigrants during a discussion on immigrant access to higher education hosted by Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership at City College of New York.

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2Next Wave: Faces of Asia, Faces of America

The face of immigration is changing rapidly. Asians outpaced Hispanic immigrants in 2009, becoming the largest and fastest-growing wave of newcomers to the United States. The group is a mosaic and not a monolith, and many Asian immigrants share a collective desire to become American citizens.

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3Dollars & Sense: Making the Fiscal Case for Immigration Reform

When the Solicitor General of the United States stood before the Supreme Court this April to argue the case of United States v. Texas, he sparred with Chief Justice John Roberts over a financial question: does Texas have standing to sue because, as the state claims, it would suffer irreparable fiscal injury if it is required to issue drivers’ licenses to undocumented immigrants?

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4Diane von Furstenberg: "To Become American is a Big Deal"

Diane von Furstenberg details her experience immigrating to America, pursuing the American dream and the significance of obtaining American citizenship.

Watch the video: Diane von Furstenberg: "To Become American Is a Big Deal"

5Getting Out the Vote

The Advancement Project, a Carnegie Corporation of New York grantee, is a civil rights group that is representing the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, and fighting alongside the Department of Justice to repeal a restrictive voter identification law that requires citizens to present a state-issued photo ID before they can vote.

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