“Three Faiths” Displays Magnificent Collection of Jewish, Christian and Muslim Manuscripts

Three Faiths” a major new exhibition at the New York Public Library, on view through February 27, 2011, features rare and treasured Jewish, Christian and Muslim manuscripts and sacred texts. “Three Faiths” also includes more than 100 different educational programs across 80 different branches of the New York Public Library network, with the idea of creating a better understanding of these faith traditions in a globalized world.

The exhibition is supported in part by Carnegie Corporation of New York.  Lead funding was provided by the Coexist Foundation.

Showcasing materials drawn entirely from the permanent collections of The New York Public Library, Three Faiths portrays major aspects of each of the three Abrahamic faiths.  Three Faiths illustrates the most important threads which run between the three: a belief in one, all-powerful God; the importance of the Prophets – notably Abraham; Divine Revelation; and the central role of Scripture.

After introducing the key figures in these faith traditions, the exhibition explores the scriptures they produced or inspired, and the ways in which those texts have been used, for so many centuries, in the daily lives of ordinary people.