Teachers are being asked to do more. How do we help them achieve success?

Today, teachers are expected to be mentors and social workers as well as educators. Sometimes even substitute parents. How do we educate teachers differently to reflect this? Do they need to teach differently in light of these expectations? As teacher enrollment declines, how do we attract the best teachers from college (or earlier) through training and ongoing professional development? What are the best ways to evaluate and enhance teachers' skills?

These are among the urgent questions to be addressed at the Carnegie Corporation supported New York Times Schools for Tomorrow conference. 

The September 13 event, to be held in New York City, is designed to promote dialogue and action via panel discussions, keynote addresses, head-to-head debates, case studies, brainstorming sessions and presentations by award-winning teachers.

Among the 400 invited participants from both public and private sectors will be educators, government officials, philanthropists and investors.

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