New York Times Op-Ed: The Poor Quality of an Undergraduate Education

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In their New York Times op-ed, Carnegie Corporation-supported researchers Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa point to new data to questions how much you really learn in college.

Arum and Roksa’s new book Academically Adrift holds sobering lessons for students, faculty, administrators, policy makers, and parents—all of whom are implicated in promoting or at least ignoring contemporary campus culture. Higher education faces crises on a number of fronts, but Arum and Roksa’s report that colleges are failing at their most basic mission will demand the attention of us all.

The research project upon which the book is based, was organized by the Social Science Research Council as part of its collaborative partnership with the Pathways to College Network.  It was made possible by generous support from Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Lumina Foundation for Education, the Ford Foundation and the Teagle Foundation, as well as a 2007–08 Fulbright New Century Scholar “Higher Education in the 21st Century: Access and Equity” award.