New Report Assesses Obama Administration's Progress on Open Government Recommendations

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OMB Watch today published an in-depth analysis of the Obama administration's progress on a wide-ranging set of open government recommendations. The recommendations were crafted by a diverse group of organizations and individuals as part of the Carnegie Corporation-supported 21st Century Right to Know Project, which was coordinated by OMB Watch in 2007 and 2008.

The recommendations, presented to Obama's transition team and the incoming leadership of the 111th Congress after the 2008 elections, urged quick action on a number of key government openness issues while also encouraging a more systematic, longer-term approach to transparency problems that plague the federal government. The recommendations were endorsed by more than 300 organizations and individuals from across the political spectrum.

The new assessment examines the progress on each recommendation near the midpoint of the president’s term. It explains the activities of the Administration and Congress on the issues addressed in the 2008 recommendations and offers some insights on those actions.

Read the press release and full report.

Carnegie Corporation’s support of the Project focuses on access to information and government openness as means toward greater civic participation and a government that is more accountable to its citizens.  With foundation support, the Focus Project (also known as OMB Watch) launched the Fueling Democracy with Information in the 21st Century project in 2007 to develop an agenda to reform the policies and practices regarding public access to information.