Latest InfoGuide From the Council on Foreign Relations

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The Taliban, the latest InfoGuide from the Council on Foreign Relations (a Corporation grantee), tracks the rise, fall, and resurgence of this two-prong movement and the dilemmas it presents for the region and the world. According to the new interactive guide, “as the international combat mission in Afghanistan closes, the Taliban threatens to destabilize the region, harbor terrorist groups with global ambitions, and set back human rights and economic development in the areas where it prevails.”

"Understanding the two Talibans means scanning the landscape on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, politically as well as geographically," says editor Robert McMahon. "This guide aims to do that with maps and graphics as well as with a narrative told in video and text."

The Taliban includes an overview video featuring leading experts, a timeline tracing the Taliban’s evolution, infographics, an interactive map, and teaching tips for educators.