Is Zeal for Nuclear Energy Outpacing Plant Safeguards, Measures to Limit Spread of Weapons Capability? Report Asks

Nuclear power is poised for a renaissance.  But just as global interest in nuclear energy is peaking, the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and the push by countries like Iran to develop nuclear resources, raise critical issue about the safety of fissile material.

“Nuclear Power: Risk vs. Renaissance,” in the Fall 2009 Carnegie Reporter, examines the increasing attraction of nuclear energy as a path to energy security, especially in light of the threat of climate change.  A large portion of the scientific community argues that the option of nuclear power must remain on the table.   

The Carnegie Corporation paper assesses the operational safety and security protocols around the growth in nuclear power and the resulting potential of an increase in the availability of fissile material that a nation or terrorist organization would need to create a nuclear weapon.