Foreign Affairs-Undisciplined, Expensive, and Bloody Foreign Policy Has Done Untold Harm To U.S. National Security

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The United States' “undisciplined, expensive, and bloody strategy has done untold harm to U.S. national security. It makes enemies almost as fast as it slays them, discourages allies from paying for their own defense, and convinces powerful states to band together and oppose Washington's plans, further raising the costs of carrying out its foreign policy,” writes Carnegie Corporation grantee Barry R. Posen in the January/February 2013 issue of Foreign Affairs.

Posen, Director of the Security Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, argues that it is time to abandon this hegemonic approach and replace it with one of restraint -- giving up on global reform and sticking to protecting narrow national security interests.

Read "Pull Back: The Case for a Less Activist Foreign Policy," Foreign Affairs, January/February 2013.