CGCS Launches New Website on ICTs in Africa

The Center for Global Communication Studies (CGCS) has launched a new website on ICTs in Africa: Its goal is to increase access to the limited amount of information on ICTs in order to spark conversation and improve research.

In addition to offering news and updates on research and events related to ICTs, peacebuilding, and governance, the website features a repository of reports and articles. Given the dearth of empirical evidence on the role of ICTs in peacebuilding and governance, the repository synthesizes and summarizes empirical research in an annotated bibliography. Additionally, the website offers access to articles typically blocked by journal paywalls by obtaining pre-print versions of articles from authors.

This website is part of a larger CGCS project: “Reframing Local Knowledge: ICTs, State-building, and Peacebuilding in Eastern Africa.” This project, through commissioned research projects and evidence reviews, seeks to bring greater clarity to the realities of the use of communication technologies in developing contexts, and in particular in Eastern Africa. The project is funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. LEARN MORE

N.B. This media release courtesy the Center for Global Communication Studies