Carnegie India: A Global Think Tank Expands

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with Carnegie Endowment for International Peace President William Burns and staff at the launch of Carnegie India

The launch marks the sixth international center created by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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The recent launch of Carnegie India marks the sixth international center created by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and further solidifies its position as one of the world’s few truly global think tanks. 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi welcomed the initiative  and expressed hope that the center would further promote a culture of research in the country, especially amongst India’s young up-and-coming scholars. William Burns, the former American diplomat and president of the Carnegie Endowment, echoed this sentiment. “I am convinced that Carnegie India will make an enormously important contribution to helping thinkers and doers around the world understand Indian perspectives,” he said, adding that the center will bring “an important global perspective to India’s own domestic and international evolution.”

The center’s launch marks a highly collaborative effort between parties in the U.S. and India. Carnegie India’s Founders committee is co-chaired by  former cabinet secretary and Indian ambassador to the United States, Naresh Chandra, as well as former U.S. ambassador to India Frank Wisner, Prime Minister Modi and Carnegie President William Burns.

The center will be led by director C. Raja Mohan, staffed primarily by Indian experts, and focused on training the next generation of Indian thought leaders. Matters of political economics and reform within India, foreign policy, security issues, and the relationship of innovation and technology to India’s internal growth and its role on the world stage will be programmatic areas of focus.