Carnegie Corporation Highly Ranked in Report on Giving to Minority-Led Organizations

In its July 2008 report Funding the New Majority the Greenlining Institute examines grants awarded to minority-led organizations in 2005 by some of the nation’s largest private foundations. Carnegie Corporation was ranked in the top 10 in terms of the percentage of grants awarded to minority-led nonprofits. According to the Greenlining Institute’s methodology, 12.1 percent of the foundation’s 2005 domestic grants were awarded to minority-led nonprofits. Read the report.

Carnegie Corporation believes that, as tax exempt organizations, private foundations are held in the public trust and must operate with transparency and be held accountable for prudent investment and management of their assets. 

The Corporation was founded by the immigrant, industrialist and philanthropist, Andrew Carnegie to advance and diffuse knowledge and understanding. His two primary concerns were education and international peace. The Corporation remains true to the founder’s spirit and to this day continues to focus intently on the issues about which he cared so deeply. And, the foundation invests in workable strategies—and the organizations that implement those strategies—that can demonstrably contribute to the betterment of our society.

“We are proud of our stewardship of Mr. Carnegie’s legacy and will continue to invest our assets to create pathways to educational and economic opportunity for all Americans; and to citizenship, civic participation and integration in a pluralistic society,” said Geri Mannion who leads the foundation’s immigrant integration work which focuses on ensuring that new arrivals from regions including Latin America, Asia and the Middle East can become full participants in American civic and civil life.