Building on Success at 100Kin10


The next generation of innovators and problem solver just got a big boost--the promise of more excellent STEM teachers thanks to another round of funding for 100Kin10. The nonprofit recently announced the launch of its fourth fund with generous commitments from the APS Foundation, the Simons Foundation, and re-commitments from Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Leonetti O'Connell Family Foundation. That’s on top of the $80 million already pledged since the national network was established by the Corporation in 2011.

100Kin10 oversees a collaboration of more than 200 of the nation’s top academic institutions, nonprofits, foundation, companies, and government agencies that are committed to train and retain 100,000 well-prepared STEM teachers by 2021.

A story reported by Inside Philanthropy describes the fourth fund and 100Kin10’s role: “What makes 100Kin10 stand out is the way it connects the folks with the ideas to the folks with the money. Acting almost as an ideas broker, 100Kin10 gives its funders access to proposals submitted by pre-vetted programming partners—a network of over 200 organizations spanning a wide range of sectors and disciplines including education, health, science and technology—through an online funding marketplace. Partners get to broadcast their cutting-edge ideas, while funders get to pick specific projects they want to fund. Sounds useful, right?”

Read more coverage in a news report published by the New York Daily News or in a news release posted by 100Kin10.