Anthology of Reporting by Immigrant and Journalists of Color Reveals Robust Media Infrastructure

A first-ever anthology of reporting on public education by immigrant journalists and journalists of color reveals a robust information infrastructure consisting of local newspapers serving immigrant and ethnic communities, and a collection of community radio programs.

Published by the New York Community Media Alliance, the report and the initiative upon which it is based, was supported by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The report, Ethnic and Community Press Fellowship. Building Capacity in Mission-Driven Media to Promote Parent Involvement in Student Education, offers a selection of well-sourced, pragmatic and frequent reporting on education to communities of color and in languages spoken in immigrant communities.   Accompanying the anthology is an evaluation of the Ethnic and Community Press whose Fellows produced the reporting.

The anthology gathers more than 100 articles reporting on issues and concerns confronting a broad spectrum of immigrant communities and communities of color—including African-American, Nepalese, Hungarian, Chinese, Korean, Latino, Turkish, Haitian, Albanian, Polish, Russian, Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian.

Read the report.