Advancing STEM Education


Five years ago, the 100Kin10 network launched with the goal of training 100,000 STEM teachers over the course of ten years. This past Tuesday, as Americans across the country celebrated National Teacher Appreciation Day, President Obama announced that over 30,000 “excellent” STEM teachers had been trained. He later went on to say that thanks to the efforts of 100Kin10, we are on track to train the remaining 70,000 STEM teachers by the end of 2021, thus achieving the original goal.

Initially developed by Carnegie Corporation of New York, the 100Kin10 network comprises over 280 companies and organizations which have collectively pledged more than $90 million to "recruit, train and retain" STEM teachers across the country. 100Kin10 has been successful in pinpointing the challenges to recruiting talent, and then addressing those challenges with innovative programs designed to incentivize potential STEM teachers to enter the field. This targeted approach and the network's hard work have paid off, turning what was once thought to be an overly ambitious goal into a reality.