Abu Aardvark Blog Analyzes Events Unfolding in Middle East

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Abu Aardvark, a blog by Carnegie Corporation grantee Marc Lynch, an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University, has become one of the Internet’s go-to sources for analysis on the events unfolding in Egypt, Tunisia and throughout the Middle East.

Lynch, who is the director of the Institute for Middle East Studies at GWU, publishes frequently on the politics of the region, with a particular focus on the Arab media and information technology, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, and Islamist movements. He also works on public diplomacy and strategic communications. Since he began blogging anonymously in 2002, under the quirky name Abu Aardvark, Lynch has gained a wide following among Middle East policy professionals, journalists, and academics.

With a $475,000 grant from the Carnegie Corporation, Marc Lynch, is leading an effort aimed at building political science expertise in the United States about the Middle East. The initiative will develop Middle East specialists, who are underrepresented currently in political science and international relations despite the significance of the region in global politics, economics, and national security. Lynch’s Carnegie Corporation-supported work will create a network of scholars; provide outreach, training and opportunities for younger scholars to engage with peers, mentors, policymakers and journalists; integrate regional expertise into public and policy debates and prepare junior faculty for hiring and tenure at leading universities.