Grant Reporting Requirements

Please submit all Carnegie Corporation of New York’s reporting requirements within our grants portal. For your reference here are the interim report requirements as well as our final report requirements. For help understanding these documents, refer to the Results: Flow Chart and Glossary.

If you have questions about reporting requirements, please email grantsinfo(at)

Grant Modification Requests and Requirements

Permission to substantially modify grants must be requested in writing and in advance. Please send all requests to grantsinfo(at) and include “Modification Request” as well as the grant number in the subject line of your email.

Directions: Grant Modifications can be submitted via the grantee portal. To initiate the process, please submit an email to with your Grant ID number, type of modification request, and the name of the primary contact for the grant. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you to log into the portal to access the grant modification form and submit the request. Please reference the guidelines below for required modification materials.

Request to Revise the Budget

A revised budget must be requested when changes to line items amount to more than 20 percent of the budgeted amount, or when line items are added or deleted from the original, approved budget.

All budget revisions must:

  • be signed by the financial officer responsible for the grant;
  • include an itemized, revised budget compared to the original (or most recently approved revised budget);
  • include a written budget narrative justifying the changes.

Requests to Modify PROJECT

Requests to make substantive changes to the project described in the grant agreement must include a rationale for the changes. It may be necessary to include a request to revise the budget depending on the extent of the proposed modifications.

The following requests will not be considered if reports on a grant are overdue:

Carryover and Extension Requests

If it appears that grant funds will remain unspent when a grant expires, the grantee institution may request that the funds be carried over to a renewal grant. If the grant was not renewed, the grantee may request a no-cost extension of the duration of the grant to a specific date when all funds will be spent and the activities completed.

Carryover Requests

Carryover requests must:

  • explain why funds will remain unspent when the grant expires;
  • include a financial report that notes the projected or actual amount of unspent grant funds;
  • include an itemized budget that indicates how the unspent funds will be allocated in the renewal grant and a written budget narrative justifying the changes.
No-Cost Extension Requests

No-cost extension requests must:

  • propose a new ending date for the grant;
  • explain why more time is required to complete the Project;
  • include a signed financial report that compares projected expenditures to the original or most recently approved line item budget for the use of Corporation funds;
  • include a revised itemized budget for the extension period and a written budget narrative justifying the changes.

Request to Transfer Grant from Original Grantee Institution to Another Institution

Institution transfer requests must include:

  • an explanation for why the transfer is necessary;
  • a specific date when the proposed transfer will occur;
  • financial and progress reports from the original grantee (accounting to the day before the proposed transfer) that note the amount of unspent grant funds that will be transferred;
  • a letter from the head of the original grantee institution, or official authorized to sign on behalf of the grantee institution, relinquishing the grant;
  • a letter from the head of the new institution, or official authorized to sign on behalf of that institution, accepting the grant;
  • tax status verification from the new institution (if it is an institution not currently funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York);
  • a CV and contact information of the new principal investigator (if applicable);
  • contact information for the new project administrator/financial officer (if applicable);
  • payment instructions for the new institution (if applicable);
  • a budget, signed by a financial officer, for the use of remaining grant funds.

Request to Change Project Director/Principal Investigator

Carnegie Corporation of New York reserves the right to change the description and terms of the grant if a new project director/principal investigator is not satisfactory to the Corporation.

Project director/principal investigator change requests must include:

  • an explanation for why the change is necessary;
  • a CV and contact information for the new project director/principal investigator.