2020 Andrew Carnegie Fellows Recipient

Michael A. Neblo
Professor of Political Science, The Ohio State University

Michael A. Neblo, a professor of political science at The Ohio State University, has made it his life’s work to revitalize our democracy and restore public trust in government by developing new ways to connect citizens with their elected representatives. Working with 13 Congress members, his Connecting to Congress project has combined emerging technology with academic research to develop deliberative "tele-townhalls," during which a diverse group of citizens meet with their representatives. As documented in the 2018 book Dr. Neblo coauthored with his colleagues, Politics with the People: Building a Directly Representative Democracy, the sessions increased trust in government and made participants more likely to vote. For his Carnegie project, Dr. Neblo is taking this work to the next level, scaling up the tele-townhalls to increase civic engagement and to ensure that public opinion helps shape policy.