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Putting The Elements Into Practice: Case Studies in Inquiry-Based Teaching

Three district leaders share with Corporation grantee Curriculum Matters what went right during their implementation of a new curriculum that prioritized high-quality professional learning


The webinar A Framework for Truly Excellent Professional Learning by Carnegie Corporation of New York grantee Curriculum Matters recently explored three successful case studies from The Elements: Transforming Teaching through Curriculum-Based Professional Learning, a Corporation report aimed at helping transform teaching and student outcomes by anchoring professional learning in high-quality curriculum materials.

Janise Lane, executive director of teaching and learning at Baltimore City Schools, Robin McClellan, supervisor of elementary curriculum and instruction for Sullivan County Schools, and Brian Kingsley, chief academic officer of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, spoke about their successful curriculum implementation, including the benefits of allowing organizations, such as Curriculum Matters, and Corporation grantees The New Teacher Project and Rivet Education, to focus their curriculum practices on professional learning for teachers.

As McClellan explains, even though the curriculum implementation process seemed “a little daunting at first,” when you give teachers the space and power to refocus on what is possible when it comes to student learning, it can completely change the game for kids. “Our students are absolutely rising to and surpassing our high expectations,” she says.

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