NYC COVID-19 Fund Raises Over $110 Million

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How Philanthropy Can Hold Itself Accountable and Serve America’s Youth

The Corporation’s LaVerne Evans Srinivasan advocates for comprehensive plans, rather than a single focus, when it comes to philanthropy’s role in serving all students


How can philanthropy hold itself accountable as the balance of American resources and power becomes more inequitable every day? By breaking free of siloed thinking, says  LaVerne Evans Srinivasan, vice president of the Corporation’s National Program and director of the Education Program.

Speaking during a webinar produced for the Corporation-supported Keeping Our Promises to the Next Generation: Education and Democracy, a week-long conference by Grantmakers for Education, Srinivasan explained that “social and racial justice is not possible without structural equality in our education, voting, and immigration systems.… We have to understand how our policies work across those areas to create change.”

The webinar, Future of Philanthropy in an Inequitable Society (43:47 of video), features fellow philanthropic and educational leaders, and covers topics such as ways for funders to think about using their power to dismantle oppression and serve youth, and explores new avenues toward a more just and equitable educational system and society.

(Credit: The Washington Post/Getty Images)