NYC COVID-19 Fund Distributes Over $100 Million

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Always Ready for Learning Network Offers Free Coaching in Advance of New School Season

The Corporation joins philanthropic initiative to provide guidance to school system leaders as they navigate uncertainty amid pandemic challenges

No matter what happens in individual districts this fall, remote learning will be part of education in America for the foreseeable future. Across the country, education leaders are wrestling with difficult decisions about how to safely resume schooling in the context of the ongoing pandemic. Many have opted for hybrid or fully remote models, but even where they plan to have students return to classrooms full time, they must prepare for the possibility of rolling closures. District leaders need guidance as they navigate these challenges, including support to effectively implement remote learning for the many students who will rely on it.

To meet this need, Carnegie Corporation of New York joined other philanthropic organizations to launch the Always Ready for Learning network. Led by Carnegie grantee The Learning Accelerator, the initiative brings together a coalition of educational organizations with expertise in remote and blended learning, innovative school and system design, and family engagement. Together, these organizations — including other grantees like 2Revolutions, Highlander Institute, and PowerMyLearning — are providing free coaching and personalized support to help district leaders plan for the fall and tackle emerging issues as they arise.

Learn more about Always Ready for Learning’s free, customized coaching.

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