NYC COVID-19 Fund Raises Over $110 Million

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Putting Student Voices at the Center of Equitable Education Issues

Raise Your Hand, a student-run initiative from Corporation grantee Our Turn, aims to help shape the future of American education 


Educational inequalities are a reality in a number of districts and communities, disproportionally affecting low-income, Black, Latino, and Indigenous students. Raise Your Hand, an initiative of Our Turn, a Corporation grantee focused on developing a new generation of civic leaders, aims to put student voices at the center of educational justice issues in the United States.

The student-led initiative has held virtual protests to raise awareness of the inequities in America’s school systems. It has also started a petition to help shape education through the inclusion of democratic values and fair representation of students in decision-making at every level.

“We’ve been long overdue for an education that is inclusive of students from all respective backgrounds,” explains Our Turn student activist Jocelyne Asturias of Los Angeles. “It’s time our voices are heard.”

(Credit: Our Turn)