NYC COVID-19 Fund Distributes Over $100 Million

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Adam Habib on Student Protests in South Africa

#FeesMustFall Discussion at the Carnegie Corporation of New York

At a Carnegie Corporation of New York staff luncheon held in New York City on August 1, 2018, Adam Habib, vice chancellor of the University of the Witwatersrand and Spring 2018 fellow at Hutchins Center of African and African-American studies at Harvard University, discussed the 2015–2017 #FeesMustFall student protests in South Africa and its implications for the advancement of social justice movements around the world. This included the importance of social mobilization, the role of in-state actors, strategy and framing of movements, decision-making, and the ethics of social mobilization. A long-standing Corporation colleague and grantee, Habib is an academic, researcher, activist, administrator, and renowned political commentator and columnist. The talk was based on a chapter of his forthcoming book.