New Designs to Advance Learning

New Designs to Advance Learning


The New Designs to Advance Learning portfolio seeks to advance the overarching objective of advancing knowledge and innovation in the field through the design of the student learning experience. More specifically, we aim to foster a new vision of the classroom and the school that promotes students’ intellectual and emotional development through rigorous, personalized study and provides purposeful pathways that offer students multiple opportunities to practice and master the higher order skills and knowledge that enable postsecondary success. Emerging technologies hold the promise to accelerate innovation in how educators utilize time, space, resources, and talent to support this future vision of teaching and learning. We believe there is an immediate opportunity, indeed an imperative, to harness education innovation in service of developing new classroom and school models for students and communities ill-served by existing options, including students with special needs, English language learners, and low-income communities with no or few high-quality school options. 

The New Designs to Advance Learning portfolio pursues four major goals:

  • Developing new whole school models that can generate evidence proofs of what is possible when school is fundamentally redesigned, including innovation in the use of time, staffing, technology, and financial resources
  • Stimulating the development of tools, technologies, and resources that can catalyze change and transformation within a school 
  • Supporting broader, system-level changes to build district and organizational capacity to develop, implement, and sustain new models, and to remove the policy constraints that impede innovation
  • Building knowledge, particularly regarding pockets of effective practice, that could have greater impact if elevated and shared
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