Integration, Learning and Innovation

Integration, Learning and Innovation


The Integration, Learning, and Innovation portfolio seeks to increase understanding of the crucial interdependencies among human capital, learning designs, and public awareness and to enable more integrated approaches by schools, districts, states, and others to support student learning. Our aim is to advance a vision of education reform that rejects siloed “silver bullet” approaches and a simplistic focus on replicating “what works” at scale, and instead embraces complexity, interdependence, and nuanced implementation. 

The Integration, Learning, and Innovation portfolio therefore seeks to advance three major goals:

  • Advancing integrated approaches across the Corporation’s portfolios and the field that enable greater collaboration, coherence, and dynamism
  • Improving learning, including continuous improvement and knowledge generation, management, and dissemination, to advance the effectiveness of the field
  • Stimulating innovative ideas and models that inform our work across the Education Program and enhance our impact, particularly those that capitalize on interdependencies across areas of practice 
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