About Diffusion

Diffusion is the podcast of Carnegie Corporation of New York, the first grantmaking foundation in the United States established by Andrew Carnegie in 1911. Our mission? To promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding around issues of peace, education and democracy.


Season 4: Peacebuilders
This podcast series features nine episodes from East Africa on everything from the future of the African Union to immigration to media and elections in Kenya.

Season 3: Badges, Bibles, and Business
Badges, Bibles, and Business is a series that offers sharp insight and thoughtful conversation about immigration policy and the social and economic integration of immigrants in the United States.

Season 2: China in Focus
The second series of Diffusion focuses on U.S.-China relations under the leadership of a new American president, Donald J. Trump.

Season 1: Russia in Focus
This podcast series offers nuanced debate about Russia, its current and future relations with the United States and the impact of this critical relationship on international peace and security.