Russia in Focus

Twenty-five years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the U.S.-Russian relationship is in crisis, with each side viewing the other as the major source of international and domestic instability.

Staying on this adversarial trajectory is fraught with significant consequences. It risks entangling the United States and Russia in regional as well as a bilateral conflict with potentially military, even nuclear, dimensions, and it impedes the prospects for effectively addressing critical global challenges. It is imperative to contend with the basic issue that both nations have national interests and global responsibilities, and to understand the short- and long-term implications of the current mistrust and antagonism. Redirecting this relationship will require considerable effort by both sides, but it must begin by better understanding each other’s intentions, interests, motives, and capabilities.

In launching the ‘Diffusion: ’ podcast series, Carnegie Corporation of New York seeks to contribute to the U.S. national debate about Russia by providing the leading American experts on Russian domestic, economic, foreign, and security policies a forum to share their views. Moderated by Michael Moran, the Corporation’s Visiting Media Fellow on Peace and Security, the series includes experts with different perspectives, interpretations and views with the intent of presenting a comprehensive and nuanced assessment of a country that has major implications for the United States and for international peace and security.