Visual Activism In Africa: The New Storytellers

Scholars and practitioners of the arts all across the continent are transforming the ways their histories, past and present, are told

African History, Written in Africa

The African Humanities Program (AHP) has supported researchers and institutions of higher education in Africa for more than a decade now, building a vast community of engaged scholars and creating opportunities for intellectual exchange across the continent

Built to Last

Andrew Carnegie’s peace project was ambitious, audacious, visionary. The work was — is — difficult, often stymied, never-ending. But what is the alternative?

Book Review: Race, Power, History, Schools

Black communities like Chicago’s Bronzeville see the closing of their schools as one more chapter in a long line of systemic racism, inequality, bad faith, and distrust that stretches deep into the city’s history

Book Review: Invisible Crisis

In 'What the Eyes Don't See,' pediatrician-turned-whistleblower Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha gives a firsthand account of the Flint water crisis, offering a powerful story of activism, solidarity, and resilience

Reassessing U.S.-China Relations

Competition, Confrontation, or Collision Course? A new report peers into the future of the world’s most consequential bilateral relationship

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Book Review: Power Trip

A BBC correspondent’s new survey of seven African despots makes the case that the continent suffers from a resource curse. He tells his tale vividly, but even despotism deserves a more nuanced, comprehensive, and above all contextual approach.

Secure the Vote

While the totality of the National Academy of Sciences report on voting technology is sobering, a country with the resources and technical expertise of the United States can make great progress, and quickly, if it has sufficient political will and resources.

Tech Is Not the Enemy

With proper safeguards in place, technology can improve the voting experience — expanding accessibility, boosting turnout, and bolstering democracy

Harnessing the Power of the Diaspora

A surgeon’s remarkable journey from Africa and back

Down for the Count

The nation’s leading philanthropies are banding together to ensure a fair and accurate 2020 census

Facing the Nuclear Truth

A new program aims to hack America’s culture of apathy toward nukes

Education in Complex Times

Lessons learned from decades of school reform have led the Corporation to clarify a new set of strategies to better align its philanthropic efforts

The Unity in Disunity

Looking at the World after Globalization

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