Andrew Carnegie Fellows

Andrew Carnegie Fellows


The Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program provides support for high-caliber scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. The anticipated result of each fellowship is the publication of a book or major study. The 2017 Andrew Carnegie Fellows will provide new perspectives on topics such as countering extremist narratives on social media, violence against women in politics, opportunity and education, and immigration enforcement and the future of American democracy.

Andrew Carnegie Fellows Chair Dr. Susan Hockfield quote on the need for the fellowship.
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Research in Focus

Research in Focus

In Plain Sight: The Neglected Linkage between Brideprice and Violent Conflict
by  Valerie M. Hudson and Hilary Matfess

What motivates young men to take up arms for organized group violence with political ends? Hudson and Matfess explore how inflationary brideprice incentivizes violence to obtain the required payment for marriage, and serves as an effective recruitment tool for insurgent groups.

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