Andrew Carnegie Fellows

Andrew Carnegie Fellows


Andrew Carnegie Fellows Program Recognizes 35 Scholars

In keeping with its mission to advance and disseminate knowledge and understanding, Carnegie Corporation of New York announced 35 recipients of the 2017 Andrew Carnegie fellowships, with awards totaling $7 million. Each fellow will receive up to $200,000 toward the funding of significant research and writing in the social sciences and humanities—the most generous stipend of its kind.

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Andrew Carnegie Fellows Chair Dr. Susan Hockfield quote on the need for the fellowship.
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Research in Focus

Research in Focus

‘Anumeric’ People: What Happens When a Language Has No Words for Numbers?
by Caleb Everett

Numbers do not exist in all cultures. There are numberless hunter-gatherers embedded deep in Amazonia, living along branches of the world’s largest river tree. Instead of using words for precise quantities, these people rely exclusively on terms analogous to “a few” or “some.”

Speakers of anumeric, or numberless, languages offer a window into how the invention of numbers reshaped the human experience. In a new book, I explore the ways in which humans invented numbers, and how numbers subsequently played a critical role in other milestones, from the advent of agriculture to the genesis of writing.

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(This article was originally published on The Conversation and is republished with permission.)


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