What the Bible Says about Immigration

A recent article in the Immigration Policy Center's newsletter Perspectives on Immigration, supported by a Carnegie Corporation grant to the Center (IPC), provides a view about what the Bible says about immigration. 

In IPC's latest Perspectives on Immigration, authors Bruce and Judy Hake, an immigration attorney and Certified Roman Catholic catechist, respectively, debunk restrictionist arguments and show that the Bible actually does support a generous attitude towards immigrants and immigration. Indeed, it mandates it. 

Carnegie Corporation’s grant to IPC supports research and analysis of major issues pertaining to immigrants in the media and other opinion-shaping realms. The Immigration Policy Center (IPC), the policy arm of the American Immigration Law Foundation, operates as a think tank researching and analyzing issues related to immigration and immigrants in America. Recognizing that the immigration debate will likely continue into the next administration and beyond, IPC will expand its research, communications, and coordination capacities over the next two years with the goal of stimulating reasoned and effective policymaking around immigrant policies.