Voter’s Survival Kit Aims to Protect Voters from Spin

The “Voter’s Survival Kit: The Smart Citizen’s Guide to What the Politicians Won’t Tell You” was issued today by the nonpartisan, nonprofit Supported by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Voter’s Survival Kit provides a nonpartisan crib sheet to help voters get the facts straight and protect themselves from political spin. Read Press Release

Issue guides in the kit are designed to help typical voters sort through the campaign rhetoric and make up their own minds about which candidates have the best ideas. The issue guides highlight fundamental facts voters need to know and explains more about the choices the country faces in down-to-earth, easily understandable terms.

The kit provides issue guides on:

  • The Economy
  • Iraq and Beyond
  • Climate Change
  • Health Care 
  • Immigration
  • Taxes, Spending and Debt

Each issue guide includes a brief overview of the topic, an evenhanded review of possible solutions and the pros and cons of each approach, both on an interactive web platform and in a downloadable PDF format. The kit also includes online discussion, links to candidate positions on issues and other sites with extensive information on issues.

Carnegie Corporation supports efforts to increase civic engagement. Voting is a central pillar of civic engagement as it solidifies both the individual voter’s direct investment in the larger civic society and the responsibility of civic society to the voter.