Understanding Immigration: H-1B Visas

Every year, U.S. employers seeking highly skilled foreign professionals submit their applications for the pool of H-1B visas made available by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The H-1B visa category is for temporary (non-immigrant) employment for highly educated foreign professionals in “specialty occupations” that require at least a bachelor’s degree or the equivalent. With a statutory limit of 65,000 visas available for new hires—and 20,000 additional visas for foreign professionals who graduate with a Master’s or Doctorate from a U.S. university—in recent years demand for H-1B visas has outstripped the supply. Learn more about this category of visa from the Immigration Policy Center with this fact sheet that provides an overview of the H-1B visa category and petition process, addresses the myths perpetuated around the H-1B visa category.