A ToolKit for Mastery

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A Toolkit for Mastery

A new how-to guide for mastery-based learning offers school districts a suite of free resources. The goal is to help them implement a student advancement model driven by demonstrated knowledge of a subject (mastery) instead of the traditional emphasis on “seat time.”

Carnegie Corporation supported the collaboration that produced “Making Mastery Accessible: A Practitioner’s Guide to Mastery Learning.” Springpoint, a team of experts working with districts and network partners to improve high schools, teamed with reDesign, which specializes in teaching and learning practices. Together they created the toolkit, which can be found on the reDesign website.

As described in a blogpost by Springpoint program associate, Harris Sockel,  “The toolkit comprises learning activities, performance tasks, teaching resources, and skills development guides. These resources are available for educators to download and use on their own, with the goal of making mastery-based learning a real possibility for schools and classrooms across systems.” A series of topics range from getting started with a self-assessment of your school to developing a mastery-based grading policy.

Visit the reDesign website for free downloads from this open-source, knowledge-building project to learn what master-based learning might mean for your students.