Throw Back Thursday: Universities in Africa

Carnegie Corporation has a long tradition of supporting universities in Africa, starting with the first official trip to the continent in 1927 by Frederick Keppel, the Corporation’s president, and trustee James Bertram.

For the ensuing 87 years, the Corporation has been actively engaged in fostering the revitalization of African university systems, working with leaders, scholars, and students in the field of higher education — from the sponsorship of the Ashby Commission in 1959, which recognized a vital need for the development of African post-secondary education, to the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa which sought to bring multiple foundations’ expertise to rebuilding and strengthening African universities.

This past month, stakeholders from across Africa came together to build a movement to revitalize and rethink higher education for Africa’s future. The African Higher Education Summit, supported by the Corporation, presented a unique platform for leaders and those concerned with African universities to collectively determine the way forward for the sector.

Lagos University meeting of the Association of Teacher Education in Africa 1973
Higher Education in Tanzania publication by Daniel Mkude, Brian Cooksey & Lisbeth Levey 2003