The Faces of Contemporary Islam

“The Faces of Contemporary Islam” a new report of the Women’s Foreign Policy Group focuses on the diversity and complexity of Islam and on ways to promote a better understanding between the Muslim world and the West. Supported by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York, the report explores key issues including the compatibility of Islam and democracy, the myths and realities regarding women’s rights, policies and attitudes toward Muslims in Europe, media coverage of Islam, and US-Muslim relations. Read the report.

The report results from a conference convened in November 2008 at which eight Carnegie Scholars, among other experts, offered nuanced presentations addressing realities facing the majority of Muslims—realities that receive scant attention in the West. The report cites examples from history, polls, and the Scholars’ own research to contradict pervasive myths, stereotypes, and misconceptions about Islam prevalent in the West. In addition, the report offers analysis of situations facing Muslims across Europe, and an illustration of how the U.S. and U.K. media’s coverage of Islam has impacted public understanding of Muslims and Islam in America and Britain.