Rising Powers Initiatives

A newly launched database offers a useful and easy-access tool for conducting research on rising powers in Asia and for keeping up to date on the latest relevant academic and policy publications. The interactive RPI Research Database was created by The Elliott School of International Affairs at The George Washington University, a Carnegie Corporation grantee, as part of the Rising Powers Initiative at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies. The goal is to analyze and compare the foreign policy thinking of today's rising powers by offering a specialized bibliography of books and article on target subjects that reflect the RPI’s ongoing research.

Countries and regions in the database include China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Southeast Asia and ASEAN, and Taiwan. Topics and subjects include identity and foreign policy; energy security, maritime security, and Asian security; nuclear energy and nuclear proliferation; regional political economy; and U.S. foreign policy in Asia. The RPI Research Database has been compiled by the Sigur Center research staff and is frequently updated with articles and books from 1990 onwards, with emphasis on the latest academic and policy publications.