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The role of the Academic Diaspora in Elevating African Higher Education

A recent study commissioned by Carnegie Corporation of New York as part of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program advocates that academics in the African diaspora may be the key to lifting up the African university system in terms of providing quality education and creating a stronger base of published research.

In a recent interview with University World News, Dr. Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, a longtime Corporation grantee, explained, “most diaspora academics have complex transnational trajectories for having been educated and having worked in different countries in Africa, Western Europe and North America – and have extensive networks that can be tapped to globalize African universities,” and expanded by noting that most of the academics he interviewed over the course of the study expressed interest in establishing relationships with universities in both their home countries, and across the continent. 

Hear Dr. Zeleza interview one of the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program participants below about her experience.


To learn more about Carnegie Corporation of New York’s higher education initiatives in Africa, visit the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program online.