Report Examines Powerful Practices of Successful, Expanded-Time Schools

A new report examines the vital importance to children’s education of the strategic, efficient use of time. Time Well Spent: Eight Powerful Practices of Successful, Expanded-Time Schools, published by Carnegie Corporation grantee National Center on Time & Learning, outlines specific practices that can lead to dramatic increases in student achievement and preparation for success in college and the workforce. 

The eight powerful practices are:

Optimize time for student learning:

  • Make every minute count
  • Prioritize time according to focused learning goals
  • Individualize learning time and instruction based on student needs


Use time to help students thrive in school and beyond:

  • Use time to build school culture of high expectations and mutual accountability.
  • Use time to provide a well-rounded education.
  • Use time to prepare students for college and career.


 Dedicate time to improve teacher effectiveness:

  • Use time to continuously strengthen instruction.
  • Use time to relentlessly assess, analyze, and respond to student data.

Time Well Spent draws these eight practices from an in-depth examination of 30 expanded-time schools serving high-poverty populations with impressive track records of student success.  The report demonstrates how these schools leverage their additional time in order to implement other critical reforms.