Reconsidering the Rules of Space

The development of space affects a range of government, commercial, and scientific interests around the world, and US leaders have yet to propose a policy framework that adequately balances these interests. The American Academy of Arts & Sciences’ project, funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, examines the implications of US policy in space, and considers the international rules and principles needed to maintain a balanced use of space over the long term. Read the project description.

Reconsidering the Rules of Space has facilitated discussions between international security experts and leading stakeholders in both commercial development and scientific advancement in space. The project has published a series of papers, intended to help inform public discussion and to induce a further examination of US official policies. These papers consider the implications of physics for space security; the interaction of military, scientific, and commercial activities in space; Chinese and Russian perspectives on US space plans; and the possible elements of a more comprehensive set of rules for space security.

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