Pulitzer Prizes to Launch Campfires Initiative

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The Pulitzer Prize Board, in preparation for the 100th awarding of the Prizes in 2016, is launching a $1.5 million initiative to ignite broad engagement across the nation with the journalistic, literary, and artistic values that the prestigious awards represent.

The project, called the Pulitzer Prize Centennial Campfires Initiative, will generate grassroots events and conversations across the country throughout 2016 about the impact of journalism and the humanities on our lives and times, illuminating their value to public life today and imagining their future. With support from Carnegie Corporation, the Pulitzer Prize Board developed the initiative with the Federation of State Humanities Councils. Campfires Initiative funds will support a wide range of live events that showcase Pulitzer Prize works. Collectively, they constitute a 100-year archive of some of the best of American cultural production.

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