Presidential Praise for 100Kin10

President Barack Obama delivered a big thank you to Carnegie Corporation's grantee, 100Kin10. In a pre-recorded video for the collaboration's third annual Summit on May 12 in San Francisco, the President applauded 100Kin10, its partner organizations, and their collective success in their commitment to "train and recruit more than 40,000 STEM teachers by 2016 and to encourage more of these talented educators to stay in the classroom longer." The President recalled his State of the Union address in 2011 when he "announced a national goal to prepare 100,000 new teachers in science, technology, engineering, and math over the next decade." Speaking directly to the "200 partners, from local government, to national organizations to global corporations" that have made commitments to action in response to the President's call since 100Kin10's founding in 2011, the President thanked them for their continued efforts saying "thanks in part to the commitments all of you have made, we're making progress." 

Keep up the great work - as the President said, "there are still tens of thousands of would be science and math teachers out there, and we've got to keep working together to get them trained and into the classroom to reach 100Kin10. Because our kids, and our future, depend on it."
Watch the video here, and feel free to share it on your social networks.