Picture This! Show What Great Teaching Looks Like For Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10) by sharing an inspiring photo of great teaching at Picture This! Great Teaching.  ( See http://greatteaching.carnegie.org )

This year, Carnegie Corporation, a philanthropic foundation committed to advancing education, along with more than 40 leading education nonprofits, is encouraging teachers, students, parents, and anyone else interested in great teaching to participate in a crowd sourced photo sharing project called Picture This! Great Teaching.

At a time when so much of the discussion on education is focused on challenges around standards and funding, for example, this week provides an important opportunity to remind each other that excellent, hardworking teachers are inspiring students coast-to-coast;  in urban and rural areas; in elementary, middle, high schools; and beyond.

To recognize great teaching, people everywhere are invited to simply upload a photo to the Picture This! Great Teaching site that “visually” completes one of these statements:

When I picture great teaching I see ________.

When my teaching is inspired I ________.

My teacher inspires me when ________.

The person submitting the photo and description selected as best depicting inspired teaching can also win $3,500 for a K-12 public school of his or her choice.

Picture This! —a collaborative effort among nonprofits, educators, students, parents, and others—aims to celebrate the great teachers who change students’ lives.

People can explore the site for inspiration and also share photos via Instagram with the hashtag #GreatTeaching.